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Flavia Tokens - Mars Drink Coins

75 Flavia Tokens

Bag of 75 tokens specifically for the following Flavia / Mars Drink units:

  • S350 Brewer that has a built-in coin mech
  • C400 Brewer that has a side mount coin mech module
  • C500 Brewer that has a side mount coin mech module

The tokens are a great way to hand out little rewards to staff, customers, visitors, or even spouses!!! Replaces need for exact change or lost change since the coin mechs don't give change.

Instead of fidgeting for change for a co-worker, just hand them a token.

One token buys any beverage choice you have in stock.

Sell them in groups of 5 or 10 at a time rather than bringing in a coin changer machine.

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