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Monthly Archives: June 2019

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Welcome, Milky Way Froth!


Welcome to the family Milky Way Froth!   We are so excited to announce this new product we are carrying! Milky Way Froth! For a truly addicting sensation, you’ve gotta have the Milky Way Froth. Mix it with hot chocolate or your favorite coffee to make yourself a nice latte. …

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Coffee Coconut Popsicle’s

  Coffee Coconut Popsicle’s This Friday is the first official day of Summer! So, to celebrate we’re sharing recipes of Summer favorites for everyone! We all enjoy having a nice frozen treat in this summer heat! Now we’re going to blow every Coffee lover’s mind with these Coffee Coconut Popsicle’s. …

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Father’s Day is coming up!

Father's Day Blog Post

      Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday and we can’t forget to celebrate those special men in our lives! From changing our dirty diapers while we were little to teaching us many valuable lessons as we grew up, our Dad’s were always there! So now is the …

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Coffee and Beauty relate?!

Who in the world knew that there was a relation between coffee and beauty? Not only do we love the taste of coffee and the many health benefits that can potentially come from drinking it. We love the fact that it also has many outward benefits for our appearance as …

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