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Flavia Coffee Benefits – Single Cup Coffee vs. the Pot

Single cup coffee is here to stay.  What took soooo long for this phenomenal change in coffee?

For how many decades have we wasted pot after pot of coffee at home and at work only to replace it with a freshly brewer pot of the exact same stuff!  You know, especially in the office, if it wasn’t brewed in the last few minutes, it is usually poured down the drain and replenished.  The cost of that waste really ads up!

Not only that, everyone has different tastes: while Joe may like 5 scoops per pot, Jane probably does not.  So, no matter how fresh it may be, she’s going to brew a pot of her own.  Though it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and brew a fresh pot, that’s 10 minutes multiple times per day times numerous employees times 250+ days per year – wow, do a calculation on that one to see how much the good ole’ coffee pot is costing you!

Perhaps you have a fancy coffee shop in the building or down the street where everyone goes for a break.  Again, tons of lost time!  Why not offer that convenience and perk in the office for them but at a cost that you can afford with the Flavia single cup coffee, tea, cappuccino, mochaccino, & wellbeing drink system.  Flavia is from M&M Mars; so you know it’s QUALITY.  Your folks can have their choice of 30+ unique beverages to fit any mood they happen to be in at the moment.  They’ll be excited to see it come on the scene, and you’ll be excited to see how it improves moral and work ethic for everyone!  You will be a hero for many days to come :-)  No kidding!  People LOVE this stuff!

Flavia is a true gourmet system that makes one cup at a time, and it is the only system which basically leaves NO MESS.  The amazing Flavia freshpack filterpack has a self contained filter and your coffee or tea go straight from the pack into your cup.  Unlike other systems, there is NO needle or funnel between the coffee and the cup.  You can make a fresh dark roast Barista Blend followed by a bright Green Tea and no have a single drop of mixture.  Truly unique!  After it brews, there is no mess for someone to deal with: since there’s no funnel the mess is self contained in the freshpack – ALSO UNIQUE to the flavia system – NO MESS.  Wipe it down once a week for drops that may have splashed out, but that’s it.

Though the coffee pot may seem cheaper, there’s much more to the story.  Try a Flavia Demo in your office to see for yourself.

Flavia Coffee - Creation 400 Drink Station

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