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Your New Flavia® C300 Brewer Awaits

Isn’t it time we all Coffee & Chill smarter? With the new Flavia® C300 + Chill Refresh, we can.

At the end of 2018, Flavia® became part of the Lavazza North America Inc. The Flavia® brand now has a renewed and pivotal role to continue doing what it has always done—focusing on the needs of real people in the real world of work. With the introduction of the new Flavia® C300 Brewer, they absolutely outdid themselves.

We have exciting news to share with you! Meet the Flavia® C300 Brewer, the midsized café-style beverage system from the brand that invented the hot-and-cold-all-in-one beverage system. It’s the ideal brewer when a small group (about 50 people or less) needs a wide variety of drinks.

Hot + cold beverages from one machine is the most desired feature for a workplace brewer.*

“This was a game-changer not just because it enabled us to meet more consumer needs throughout the workday, but also because we know that, even when it comes to coffee, consumer preferences are evolving,” said Nathan Route, senior associate brand manager for Flavia. “Iced coffee and cold brew are growing trends, even in the cooler months, especially with millennial and Gen Z consumers.”

With your new Flavia® C300 Brewer + Chill Refresh, you can craft one of the 14 unique hot and cold café-style beverages that’ll keep everyone  satisfied and smiling.

The compact footprint and smart technology keeps up with the myriad of workplaces and spaces. While the easy-to-use digital interface crafts rich beverages calibrated for perfectly balanced flavor every time.

To keep today’s workforce content, workplaces across the country need to offer a wide range of drinks. Starbucks, Peet’s, and Lavazza are just a few of the main coffee brands that Flavia offers a selection of coffee roasts from.

To make authentic, barista-quality lattes and cappuccinos, Flavia also provides froth and fresh in-cup milk frothing.

Flavia C300 Brewer offers big variety with a small footprint.

The Flavia® Chill Refresh module is the perfect add-on to the Flavia® C300 Brewer* in order to brew Flavia® variety of cold drinks. These include Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Coffee, Infused Waters, and Iced Teas to have a true hot-and-cold-all-in-one beverage system experience.


*Commissioned Cold & IoT Exploratory Study, 227 Respondents, September 2020

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