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Mars Drinks, Flavia, Alterra? Which is which?

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Flavia, Alterra, Mars Drinks?  Are you confused too?

Here’s some background to help explain the various names that have been used over the years for this unique single cup coffee system that actually started the phenom!

Mars (yes, same company behind M&M’s) has owned a company called Flavia since the early 80’s.  Flavia is currently the name used on their beverage systems, but at one time all of their beverages were also marketed under the Flavia name.

Several years ago, they decided to partner with a popular regional brand named Alterra Coffee Roasters.   All the well known Flavia recipes were out and replaced with a full line of new Alterra coffees. Maybe a year or so later Flavia bought the full rights to the Alterra name as well.

At the same time, the numerous Flavia tea recipes were changed and replaced with another new Mars company creation called “The Bright Tea Company” .  So at one moment all the Flavia coffees and teas were eliminated as the Alterra Coffee & Bright Tea Co filterpacks made their debut!

Soon after, the Mars name began identifying with the Flavia brand and the corporate name was changed from Flavia to Mars Drinks with the American office called Mars Drinks North America.

Through ALL OF THIS, their machines have remained exceptional and the ease of use annihilates the competition.  More will undoubtedly change; stay tuned!


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