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Flavia C400 Creation 400 Coffee Machine has Error Code 328 Fix

Flavia C400, Creation 400 Coffee Machine has
an Error Code 328 or 360 or 321

Flavia C400 Error Codes

Normally, this means you have a coffee or other filterpack stuck in the machine.  Most people try to pull the pack down to remove it but this often causes damage to the machine.  So, to get your Flavia brewer back on track, follow the steps below…

1. Turn off the power switch on the back of the machine.

2. Grasp the filterpack door (located above the cup area) firmly at the bottom. Hold the machine in place with one hand and pull quickly with the other.  The door assembly should come off the machine.

3. Check the cavity where the door is usually housed for a beverage filterpack or other obstruction hanging.  DO NOT PULL ON IT. Just push that filterpack or other obstruction back along the runner toward the inner back of the machine.  It should fall off into the waste bin.

4. While you have the door assembly out, it is a good idea to clean the inside of this cavity to help reduce the number of future jams.

5. Turn the machine power switch back on – this will reset the mechanism, and return the arm back to it’s home position and ready for the next use.

6. Place the filterpack door relatively straight against the cavity with the top of this door sitting flush against machine. The bottom will be sticking out slightly.  Hold the top in place and give a short push to the bottom of the door; it should click it back into place and be completely flush with the rest of the machine face.

Your machine should be ready to go!

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