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The Hiawatha Train: The Icon of Steel Horse Coffee

Many people are wondering how Flavia and Alterra came up with the name Steel Horse for their latest flavor of coffee. Well, keep reading. Steel Horse Coffee is very strong, bold, and full of body. Even without me giving you the back story, just trying a cup of the single serve coffee might give you some insight. The truth is Steel Horse Coffee was named after a train system.

Steel Horse Coffee was inspired by the swiftness and the lights of the Hiawatha Train. This was America’s first aerodynamic train that reinvented the way we looked at travel on the railroads. In the 1930s, these newly enhanced trains – known as the “Steel Horses” – were set on a new journey, which earned the trains the bold slogan: “Nothing Faster on the Rails”.

These train became known as the “Stream Liners,” as the Hiawathas were the fastest trains of the day. During the 1930s, as the competition increased between the automobile and the railways, these Steel Horses greatly changed transportation for people. Inaugurated in 1935, the Chicago-Twin Cities Hiawatha first ran between two great cities in our nation at the time, Milwaukee and Chicago. The company that made this train was the Milwaukee Road. Little did they know, this would usher in a new era of safer, faster and more efficient-moving trains.

One of the greatest factoids about how Steel Horse Coffee was inspired is that the lighting system, developed to improved visibility for high-speed trains, was conceived in part by Frank C. Mars. The Mars Signal Lighting Company patented this breakthrough in the technology, which caused the light to oscillate in a figure-8 pattern. This lighting system would become the industry standard for safety on emergency vehicles.

Born out of the same innovative spirit, Steel Horse Coffee, in its own way, will reinvent the traditional cup of coffee in the work place and at home. Bold, powerful coffee combined with cocoa flavanols is a new step in helping improve productivity at home and at the work place.

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