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Endless Drink Combinations with Flavia!

Do you know Flavia has over 100 drink combinations?

What’s your absolute favorite drink of ALL? Tell us here!

Tuesday, June 29th is National Camera Day! Share your favorite recipe or your Flavia coffee bar area to spread the creativity and new ideas!

Many people find a flavor or two that they like and then stick to it… But Flavia encourages everyone to be their own barista and have fun!

Using a second pack to brew a ‘2 pack drink’ can really expand your drink options. It can even get a little overwhelming! Not to worry, we’ve included some recipes for you to start off with, then you’ll probably find yourself wanting to put your own twist on it. Give it a go!

Get started with some drinks over ice, perfect for the summer days ahead!

Can’t forget the classics! Great for any time of the year, these hot drinks will perk you up. 

Be sure to grab the perfect toppings like whipped cream and cinnamon or chocolate shavings to turn your afternoon drink into more than just that, have a treat!

Hopefully seeing these recipes gave you some ideas.. Go ahead, experiment!! There are endless drink combinations with Flavia!
Then share your experience & flavors here!


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