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Quali-tea Selections!

Do you know we have a dozen quali-tea selections for you?!

America has long been a nation of coffee drinkers. However, our favorite drink may have a challenger for our affection: experts say tea is on the rise as the drink of choice for US consumers.

While a cup of green tea is certainly different than a cup of black tea, they all begin life as the same type of plant. In fact, all tea is derived from the evergreen shrub species Camellia sinensis.

So, how do we achieve so many diverse tastes from a single plant? It’s all in the leaves!

  • Green tea is plucked, withered and rolled. Heat is applied during the rolling process to prevent oxidation from taking place.
  • Black tea also utilizes all of the key processing steps, but the leaves are allowed to oxidize more completely.
  • White tea is minimally processed and derives its name from the white “down” on tea leaf buds.

Every country has its own unique art of tea-making. In the UK, for instance, it just isn’t a cup of tea without milk!

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