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Have you tried Peet’s Colombia Luminosa yet?

In Colombia, Luminosa means “shining or bright,” and this bright blend layers subtle sweetness from Colombia with just the right touch of Ethiopia floral aromatics—a pair that goes perfectly together.

Starting with a coffee from the Huila region in Colombia’s highlands, a place where beans are cultivated over 4,500 feet and known for their smooth, sweet character. Then to Ethiopia, coffee’s birthplace, where unique varieties yield exquisite coffees with delicate aromas.

Apricot, brown sugar, and hints of dark chocolate and lily in both aroma and cup makes you crave more. The flavor makes a rather faint last stand in a quiet finish for every coffee lover to enjoy.

This blend, their first light roast, was approached as all Peet’s coffees are: carefully select the very best beans, then hand roast them in small batches to achieve their utmost flavor.

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