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More Bang For Your Buck

Some people don’t truly consider how much money they spend every year on coffee from there local coffee houses. If you are one of these people, you might want to rethink this expense because you could be saving so much money. Please don’t misunderstand. The coffee houses are beautiful creations, …

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Not All Coffees Are Created Equal


Some of you may not knowit, but not all coffee is the same. People walk up to the “black pot of caffeine” and pour a cup, never knowing what kind of coffee is inside, or how long it has been on the burner. Known to us, there are two types …

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Alterra and Flavia Do It Again: The New Froths!!


Well it is here! The long wait for improved cappuccinos and mochas is finally over. Flavia and Alterra have teamed up once again to recreate a wonderful addition to your single cup of gourmet coffee to make it even better. This will provide you the best tasting, hassle free drinks …

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The Hiawatha Train: The Icon of Steel Horse Coffee


Many people are wondering how Flavia and Alterra came up with the name Steel Horse for their latest flavor of coffee. Well, keep reading. Steel Horse Coffee is very strong, bold, and full of body. Even without me giving you the back story, just trying a cup of the single …

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NEW Steel Horse Coffee


Steel Horse Coffee is a powerhouse in a single cup of coffee. The engineers at Flavia designed this coffee with cocoa, which contains flavanols. The combination of caffeine and flavanols is designed to provide stamina for your body as well as a focus for your mind. Steel Horse Coffee has …

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What Are Flavanols?


What are Flavanols? Many people have asked me this, so I thought I’d dedicate an article to it. Flavanols are found in foods that are good for your body, as well as your overall state of mind. My definition of flavanols is the “good-for-you-compounds” that are found in a wide …

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New Alterra Coffees for Flavia Brewers

Alterra coffees for Flavia

The long wait is over. We’ve heard the cries for NEW COFFEES! THREE new coffees for your Flavia brewer… Get them at www.CoffeeASAP.com   REMEMBER Our Awesome Discount Codes 15% OFF 5+ rails, CODE= ASAP 20% OFF 16+ rails, CODE= CoffeeASAP     Steel Horse Coffee is going to be …

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Flavia SB-100 Brewers


The Flavia SB-100 Coffee brewer is one of the best designed machines that I have seen in years for home brewers. This single cup coffee brewer had a great lifespan, surpassing the expectations of many consumers who bought them. This Flavia single cup brewer machine itself is rather complex. If …

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Flavia C400 Creation 400 Coffee Machine has Error Code 328 Fix

Flavia C400 Error Codes

Flavia C400, Creation 400 Coffee Machine has an Error Code 328 or 360 or 321 Normally, this means you have a coffee or other filterpack stuck in the machine.  Most people try to pull the pack down to remove it but this often causes damage to the machine.  So, to …

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Flavia S350 Coffee Brewer Error Code 303 Fix

Flavia S350 Coffee Brewer Error Code 303 – Water Overflow An error 303 on the display of your FLAVIA beverage system indicates a water overflow issue.  The Flavia brewer was probably moved or bumped with a full water tank triggering the over full sensor.  This can also occur if a …

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