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Flavia C150 vs. C200 Single Cup Coffee Brewers: Two Brothers

Let’s talk about some of the differences between the single cup coffee systems that Flavia has to offer. The Creation 150 or Flavia C150 is generally made for homes and small offices, mainly to supply coffee for only 1-15 people. These single cup coffee brewers were crafted with homes and small offices in mind, which is evidenced by their small and sleek design.

The C-150 will handle all the different kind of drinks that you want to make, including specialty drinks, as well as regular coffees and teas. One of the great features of this machine is its portability.

It has an easy removable water tank that can be cleaned, and, amazingly, holds nearly a gallon of water. The system itself is a smart system–meaning that after two hours of non-use, it will drain the heating tanks and shut the heating unit off–making this machine one of the most efficient single cup brewers on the market.

Now we can’t leave out the big brother, the slightly larger Flavia C-200 single cup coffee brewer, better known as the Creation 200. This brewer was designed for mid-size offices. It will handle up to 25 people in the office. This machine, just like all the rest of Flavia single coffee systems, will also make various drinks.

A unique feature of this machine is that it can be plumbed into the facility’s water system by using a 1/4” line. But if that’s not your cup of tea (pun intended) water can be poured in over the top with a pitcher just like the other machines. This machine is not as small as the C-150, but it is still very sleek-looking, and has an energy efficient design. There is only one heating tank that is just big enough to make a cup of coffee, which makes this machine very energy-friendly.

The Creation 200 has a slightly smaller pour-over water tank than the Creation 150. The reason for this is that the Creation 200 can be plumbed, which is what most people do. Keep in mind that you should use a plumber that is licensed and insured if you have the Creation 200 single coffee maker plumbed in.

Well, next time we will talk about comparing the Creation 200 to the Creation 400. But until then, enjoy a nice single cup of Coffee–maybe the French Roast today.

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