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Creation 400 / 500 Flavia Error Code 371

Is your Flavia Creation 400 or 500 giving Error code 371?

That usually means there is something clogged in the injector pin and water is not able to flow.
Try this fix before calling a tech.

1. Turn off the power switch on the back of the machine.

2. Grasp the filterpack door (located above the cup area) firmly at the bottom. Hold the machine in place with one hand and pull quickly with the other.  The door assembly should come off the machine.

3. Identify the Injector Pin.   If you look inside the cavity at the ceiling of the cavity near the front, you’ll see a white “fork.”  The fork has a small circle built into it and the injector pin is probably behind that white circle. Its a small grey metal pipe with a hole in the end going up the center of the pipe.  So you’ll only see the very tip.  That’s what pierces the top of the filterpack and injects water into the filterpack.

4. Unfold a paperclip and insert it inside the Injector Pin hole about 2 or 3 inches.  (DON’T MISTAKE THE BLACK WATER SPIGOT FOR THE INJECTOR PIN.  See step 3 above)

5. While you have the door assembly out, it is a good idea to clean the inside of this cavity to help reduce the number of future jams.

6. Place the filterpack door relatively straight against the cavity with the top of this door sitting flush against machine. The bottom will be sticking out slightly.  Hold the top in place and give a short push to the bottom of the door; it should click it back into place and be completely flush with the rest of the machine face.

7. Turn the machine power switch back on – insert a cup & on the display select “Hot Water.”  If the hot water dispenses fine, it should brew coffee.

Your machine should be ready to go!

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