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* PAST DATE 7/28/18 * Alterra Espresso Decaf

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MARS DRINK Flavia Coffee ALTERRA Espresso Decaf Freshpacks

PAST DATE - Best By Date was 7/28/2018
But if you've ever tried old packs even well over a year old, you can't tell the difference. And Flavia points out that these are "Best By" dates and not "Expiration Dates."

NOTE: Only for use in Barista Espresso machines

Flavia Barista Coffee Brewer

Decaffeinated espresso made from 100% Arabica beans with flavor notes of cocoa, grain and brown sugar.
Decaffeinated dark roast espresso
Made from 100% Arabica beans
Flavor notes of cocoa, grain and brown sugar

4 rails per case
20 freshpacks per rail. Order Quantity is based on Rails

$$13.22 / rail
(20 freshpacks)
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