Office Coffee Service

Office Coffee Service
Serving Louisiana, Mississippi,
Alabama, & Arkansas

Specializing in the World's Original Single Cup Brewer from M&M Mars!

The Only Single Cup Brewers with NO MESS to clean!

Available Flavia Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Hot Choco Brewers...
Each machine does it all!!

Prior Flavia Brewer Models (C400, SB100, S350)
Home Brewers

Enjoy 30+ flavors of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, cappuccinos, & mochaccinos. Employees love having their personal choice in tastes! Studies have shown that employees are more productive and happier when enjoying their favorite coffee rather than being force to drink whatever happens to be in the pot!

With our Flavia Coffee & Tea System, there is...
No More
Arguments over whose turn to clean the coffee maker.
Employees getting lost while on Starbucks runs.
Complaints over the brew being to strong or too weak.
Disagreements in choosing 1 or 2  coffee flavor for everyone.
Throwing out of stale coffee and wasted money.
Left out clients who do not drink coffee.
Much More
Wonderful, quality gourmet beverages from M&M Mars!
Employee & client satisfaction in meeting personal tastes!
Beverages for everyone including teas & hot cocoa!
Productive employees & patient clients!
Surprisingly low prices for everything from house blends & teas to authentic cappuccinos with the frothy topping!
Plus, a really cool brewer that makes 30+ flavors without mixing flavors!

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the Flavia Single Cup Coffee & Tea System
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FLAVIA COFFEES & TEAS - from Alterra Coffee Roasters & Bright Tea Company
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