Compare Flavia Office Coffee Brewers

  • Which Flavia single cup brewer does what drinks?  
  • Which single cup brewer will work for my guests?
  • Which Lavazza Flavia brewer will plumb into our water line? 
  • Which single cup coffee brewer do I need for 25 employees? 

There are some key differences from one flavia brewer to the next.  The chart below helps explain these differences such as the ability to plumb the system to a water line vs only being able to fill with a pitcher.   

Other key points may involve the types of drinks that can be made.  One machine will do authentic espressos using the Flavia Espresso freshpacks while the others do not but can make short cups of strong coffee. 

Perhaps you are using the system for personal use, or maybe you need the best size for an office - which size is best? 

Some  have a simple pushbutton controls while others use an animated LCD display to help those who are not familar with the system such as waiting rooms or tradeshows.  

Some have the luxurious ability to self-dispose of the packs for the user which avoids leaving the next coffee drinker with a pack to dispose before starting. 

So, a few key options to consider when choosing which Lavazza Pro Flavia beverage system will best fit you. 

List of Flavia brewer features & differences.

Choosing the best office coffee machine can be tough. That’s why we’ve created this comparison to guide you in selecting the best office coffee machine for your breakroom.

Brewer Features Flavia Aroma Brewer Flavia Creation 300 Flavia Creation 600 Flavia Barista
Image Flavia Aroma Brewer Flavia C300 Flavia C600 Flavia Barista
Ideal Office Size <30 30+ 35+ 50+
Water Tank Capacity 81 oz (2.4 L using tank fill Unlimited if plumbed to water line or 137.3 oz (3.9 L) using tank fill Unlimited if plumbed to water line or 219 oz with FLAVIA REFILL module Unlimited if plumbed to water line or 101.4 oz using tank fill
Brews Coffee, Tea, & Hot Chocolate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brews Cappuccinos, Lattes & Mochas Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brews Authentic Espresso & Americanos Yes
Brews Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, & Infused Water With the addition of the FLAVIA CHILL module With the addition of the FLAVIA CHILL module
Dairy & Non-Dairy In-Cup Milk Frothing Option Yes Yes
Customizable Brew Size Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Brew Strength Yes Yes
“Over Ice” Brew Option Yes The Flavia CHILL module does not need ice to brew cold drinks Yes
Zero Cross-Contamination Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drinks Ready in Under a Minute Yes Yes Yes Yes
LCD Display Yes Yes Yes
Multimedia Touch Screen Yes Yes
English, Spanish, & French Language Options Yes Yes Yes
Online Portal to Manage Brewers & Monitor Consumption Trends Yes

Did you know? The Flavia beverage system by Lavazza Pro is the only no mess coffee, tea, cappuccino maker on the market!  

Every other system, even if you look at K-cups or pods, has a filter area in the machine that holds residue.  Just like a normal coffee maker, this funnel area must be cleaned every day or you have an unsanitary situation.  This takes time that should be spent elsewhere, because wouldn't you like a coffee system that makes your day easier - not harder.flavia open filter pack

Flavia's patented technology is so unique that no other system compares in the combination of great taste, ease of use, and solving the common coffee mess. Coffee has never been so quick and so easy! 

Plus, there is absolutely no contamination from one drink to the next.  Other systems all use needles or funnels to route the drinks into your cup; but not the Flavia Creations.  The special filterpack opens directly over the cup and pours straight from the pack to the cup with no brewer contact of your green tea right after someone's dark roast. 

This image shows a packet after it has made a cup. Notice how the bottom of the packet has widened and separated so that the cloth filter can literally drop down through the bottom of the packet and hang directly above the cup. 

The foil packet is sealed with vegetable oil at the bottom (no chemicals or adhesives) and separates when the hot water flows.  

As you can see below, the water goes straight through the packet top, through the coffee / filter, and directly into the cup.  

C500 Flavia Brewer Packet illustrated

It's easy to see why people are so crazy about these single cup coffee systems! 

Checkout the videos to see each brewer in action on their pages...

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