Employee Perks - this one blows them away!

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Treat your team to the ultimate coffee experience.

Employee perks make a huge difference in moral & your business overall. But finding creative yet impactful perks for your staff can be challenging... until now.  Employers are thrilled when their employees rave about this awesome perk on a week by week basis.  It's the gift that really does keep on giving not only for them, but also for the company as you'll surely see employee satisfaction, morale, camaraderie, and even productivity increase!  An employee team perk that has your team looking forward to each day at work.

Though the coffee pot may seem cheaper, there’s much more to the story. You know, especially in the office, if it wasn’t brewed in the last few minutes, it is usually poured down the drain and replenished by the exact same stuff! The cost of that waste really ads up!

Not only that, everyone has different tastes: while Joe may like 5 scoops per pot, Jane probably does not. So, no matter how fresh it may be, she’s going to brew a pot of her own. Though it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and brew a fresh pot, that’s 10 minutes multiple times per day times numerous employees times 250+ days per year – wow, do a calculation on that one to see how much the good ole’ coffee pot is costing you!

Perhaps you have a fancy coffee shop in the building or down the street where everyone goes for a break. Again, tons of lost time and money! Why not offer that convenience and perk in the office for them but at a cost that you can afford with the Flavia single cup coffee, tea, cappuccino, mochaccino, & wellbeing drink system. Flavia is from M&M Mars; so you know it’s QUALITY. Your folks can have their choice of 30+ unique beverages to fit any mood they happen to be in at the moment. They’ll be excited to see it come on the scene, and you’ll be excited to see how it improves morale and work ethic for everyone!

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