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4 Column Flavia Coffee Rack Merchandiser - 9180

This Flavia merchandiser rack has the largest display selection available to showcase your awesome coffee setup! The 4 columns have a live display area on each to display an actual filterpack or an included placeholder card for sweeteners, creams, stirrers, etc... You can reduce the number of columns for smaller tables or fewer quantities. Each selection in this rack is a drawer that the user would pull for each selection in order to access the filterpacks in the drawer. There are also divider pieces that can be used within the drawers in order to offer 2 selections in the same drawer. Gives a very professional appearance to a large variety of coffee, teas, specialty drinks, & ancillary products.

$119.00 / each
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10 oz. Flavia Cups

Flavia Cups
You may use any cup with your Flavia Brewers, but Flavia 10 oz. cups are available if you need them! These 10 oz cups are the perfect fit for those 2 pack beverages.

1 Case = 20 Sleeves = 1000 cups
Save $12.00 on a full case of 20 Packs
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Sip Lids for 10 oz. cups

Flavia Lids
Plastic Lids with a raised sip area designed for the Flavia cups shown to the left

1 Case = 10 Sleeves = 1000 lids $31.00
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Flavia FUSION Filters

The water filters for the Flavia Fusion single cup coffee brewers.
These filters only fit the FUSION model.
Flavia has stopped production of these filters, but a replacement may be coming. In the mean time, you can use the machine without a filter. Simply remove it and fill with water as normal. If you prefer, you can use water that has already been filtered.

Out of Stock

SB100 Descaler Solution (no kit)

If you already have a descaler kit but need a replacement of the descaler solution, this is it. It includes the solution packet pictured above but not the hose or connections. You must already have the rest of the kit first.
This item is for the SB100 model ONLY.

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CREATION 150 & CREATION 200 Water Filter

Replacement Internal Water Filter for either the C150 brewer or the C200 brewer.

Out of Stock

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