**Business/Corporate Customers** FREE Flavia Barista Brewer with purchase of Drink Bundle

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FREE Flavia Barista Brewer + Drink Bundle - CoffeeASAP

FREE Flavia Barista Brewer with Business/Corporate Customers purchase of Drink Bundle!

USA Customers Only

Barista Brewer Drink Bundle! 2,064 Drink Packs (110 Rails)

This is a $4,450 value for just $1,750!

**Only available for Business/Corporate Customers**

Limit: ONE Per Customer

Your workplace barista just got better. With this drink bundle purchase, you'll be getting a FREE Flavia Barista brewer! There are a total of 2,064 Drink Packs (110 Rails) as a bundled package! The Barista Brewer and such a large variety of drinks for everyone's palate is sure to be a great addition to any office! Now you can enjoy delicious coffee-shop-style drinks without ever leaving the office. Flavia Barista brews Americanos and double espressos, providing even more great reasons for co-workers to grab a cup and connect during the workday.

Brews a full range of coffees, authentic espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and teas.

  • Crafts authentic, full bodied espresso in 30-40 seconds utilizing high-pressure (up to 15 BARs)
  • Sensors that detect the cup before brewing, helping to prevent accidents
  • Technology that eliminates cross-contamination between different kinds of drinks
  • The brewer can be programmed to be plumbed in or set for pour over
  • Visually stunning from all angles
  • Brews premium, coffeehouse-style hot beverages
  • Developed through a collaboration with forward-thinking companies at the forefront of modern design
  • Timeless design
  • Designed for open spaces, with 360 degree looks
  • Premium materials and finishes including piano black, brushed metal and stainless steel

Barista Drink Bundle

Drinks Include:

Real Milk Froth Powder - 12 Rails (216 Total Packs)
Dove Milk Hot Chocolate - 4 Rails (72 Total Packs)

Chai Spice Tea - 1 Rail (20 Total Packs)
Lemon Herbal Tea - 1 Rail (20 Total Packs)
Green with Jasmine Tea - 1 Rail (20 Total Packs)
White with Orange Tea - 1 Rail (20 Total Packs)
Peppermint Tea - 1 Rail (20 Total Packs)
Earl Grey Tea - 1 Rail (20 Total Packs)
English Breakfast Tea - 1 Rail (20 Total Packs)

Alterra Colombia - 2 Rails (40 Total Packs)
Alterra Morning Roast - 2 Rails (40 Total Packs)

Alterra French Vanilla - 5 Rails (100 Total Packs)
Alterra Hazelnut - 2 Rails (40 Total Packs)
Alterra House Decaf - 2 Rails (40 Total Packs)
Alterra Donut Shop - 2 Rails (40 Total Packs)
Starbucks Dark Espresso - 16 Rails (288 Total Packs)
Starbucks Blonde Espresso - 16 Rails (288 Total Packs)

La Colombe Corsica - 2 Rails (38 Total Packs)
La Colombe Monaco - 2 Rails (38 Total Packs)

Peet's Cafe Domingo - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs)
Peet's French Roast - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs)

Starbucks Veranda - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs)
Starbucks Pike Place - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs)

Lavazza Classico - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs)
Lavazza Intenso - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs)
Lavazza Gran Aroma - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs)
Lavazza Gran Selezione - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs)
Lavazza Perfetto - 4 Rails (76 Total Packs

**Due to the Barista Brewer being free and not purchased, no warranty can be provided on this deal**

Discontinued - Recommended Replacement is Free C200 Drink Bundle

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