Flavia Creation 150 Brewer by Lavazza

The FLAVIA® CREATION C150 is the perfect single-cup brewer for the home, small office & collaborative workspace needs.
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FLAVIA® machines are designed to meet individual drink demands. By selecting a range of products from our specialty single-serve brands, everyone will be satisfied.
Designed especially with the needs of small offices and collaborative areas in mind:

  • Perfect for 15 employees or less
  • Ideal for small offices and collaborative workspaces
  • Quick, easy-to-use technology with single-serve drinks ready in 40-60 seconds
  • No clean up, no mess, brews one cup at a time
  • Removable, easy-fill water tank
  • Internal water filter provided
  • Small counter-top design
  • A sleek and modern look
  • Portable
  • Helps keep the office running smoothly


FLAVIA® machines are designed to meet individual drink demands. By selecting a range of products from our specialty single-serve brands, everyone in the office will be satisfied.

Choose from a variety of single-serve drinks including freshly ground coffees, real-leaf and herbal teas and premium hot chocolate. Plus, our innovative technology enables you to brew authentic frothy cappuccinos, lattes and mochas so you can enjoy coffee shop specialties right in your office.


As our business is totally focused on the needs of the office, we have designed the FLAVIA® CREATION 150 specifically for small offices and collaborative areas:
  • Freedom and confidence to get on with everything else in the workday, without the hassle
  • Sleek and compact design to fit your small office and collaborative workspaces
  • Brews a full range of single-serve drinks including coffee shop specialties to satisfy everyone's needs
  • Brews directly from pack to cup, eliminating taste contamination from one drink to the next

It will be your partner in hitting sustainability targets too:

  • An energy-saving mode that switches off energy-draining devices after 2 hours (the boiler and lights)
  • Designed to heat only minimal amounts of water so energy is conserved
  • Energy-efficient LED indicators


STEP 1 - SOURCE: We start with the highest quality ingredients - freshly roasted and ground coffee, real-leaf and herbal teas and premium hot chocolate.

STEP 2 - SEAL: We pack our carefully sourced ingredients into the unique FLAVIA® Freshpack locking in their freshness and flavor.

STEP 3 - SERVE: We specially design the FLAVIA® Freshpack to work with the FLAVIA® Brewer. Together they create an optimal brew cycle within every pack. Every drink is brewed directly from pack to cup with no taste contamination giving a quality cup every time.

Why is the Flavia FilterPack superior to pods?
  • Filter Packs do not release coffee into a funnel which has to be cleaned. You normally have nothing to clean!

  • Since Filter Packs pour directly into your cup, there is no flavor blending by mixing with residue in a funnel as with the pods!

  • Flavia's Filter Pack system is the original compact single cup gourmet coffee system with 24 years of proven experience!
Flavia Creation C150 Coffee Single Cup Coffee

Creation C150 Technical Specifications
Designed For
Small Office, Home/Home Office
Number of People
1 - 4 People, 5 - 14 People
Drink Options
Coffee, Tea, Chocolates, Specialties, Cappuccinos/Lattes
Water Capacity
0.84 gallons
Frothy Drink Option
Adjustable for Different Sized Mugs
Typical Brew Time
35 seconds
First Drink After
90 seconds
Drink Volume Settings
14.4" H x 9.1" W x 13.5" D
Weight (Empty)
12 lbs.
Power Consumption
1400W Boiling / 1.6W Standby
Power Supply
120V / 60 Hz
Fixed Cord Power Lead
System Capacity Unplumbed
15 drinks
Water Reservoir Type
Water Filter Type
Activated Charcoal
Removable Drip Tray
Interactive LCD Screen
Coin Operation
1 Year Warranty
Approval Certification
ETL 3111647, UL 197, NAMA certified
User Manual


FLAVIA Creation C150 Brew-By-Pack
Single Cup Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Tea Brewer

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