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Flavia Refills / Alterra Filterpacks

15 Beverage Flavia Merchandiser Rack
This 5 drink column + 1 ancillary column Flavia merchandiser rack used the ease of the Flavia rail sleeves to quickly load each selection. This allows the actual product shown to be the next one chosen every time. So you can mix flavors if needed. The user simply grabs the filterpack they desire and pulls it off the front of the rack. Includes a simple razor-like tool to slide filterpacks from their packaging rail right onto the display rack. Columns can be added or removed to fit desired table size or number of selections offered. Also includes side cup organzier.
  • SELECTIONS: 5 Bev Columns for 15 beverages standard plus 3 areas for ancillary
  • ACCESS METHOD: Simple pull and use (no drawers for drinks)
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Reduce number of columns to desired size

$80.00 / each
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