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Alterra Coffee Refills / Flavia Filterpacks

Flavia Beverage Merchandiser Rack
This Flavia merchandiser rack has been lightly used as a display model.  It does not have the last column as shown in item pic.

Has a large display selection available to showcase your awesome coffee setup! The 5 columns have a live display area on each to display an actual 
filterpack. You can reduce the number of columns for smaller tables or fewer quantities. Each selection in this rack is a drawer that the user would pull for each selection in order to access the filterpacks in the drawer. There are also divider pieces that can be used within the drawers in order to offer 2 selections in the same drawer. Gives a very professional appearance to a large variety of coffee, teas, specialty drinks, & ancillary products.
  • Access method: A slide-out drawer for every selection
  • Customizable: Reduce # of columns to desired size
  • Selections: 5 columns with 15 drawers for up to 30 selections

$$135.00 / each
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