Refill Module for Flavia C600 Brewer

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Flavia C600 Refill Tank Module by Lavazza (was Mars Drinks) Water Tank Module - Single Cup Office Coffee
When the water tank module is paired with the C600 brewer, it provides hot drinks in every space, even if no water line is availble.

Attaches to either side of the C600. CAN ONLY BE USED WITH C600 - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER BREWERS.

Cannot be used in conjunction with FLAVIA CHILL.


H 15.9" x W 4.6" x D 16.8"
H 405mm x W 117mm x D 427mm

8.6 lbs; when full: 23.1 lbs

Tank Capacity:
213.0oz or 30 7oz drinks

Cannot be used with FLAVIA CHILL

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